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The Texas Citizens Participation Acts has a “unique role in protecting the democratic process that allows our state to function.” - Texas Supreme Court

​When Texas lawmakers passed the Texas Citizens Participation Act (TCPA) unanimously in both chambers in 2011, they supported and recognized the constitutional rights of all Texans and the unique role the exercise of those rights plays in protecting our democratic process.

In the last eight years, the TCPA has short-circuited innumerable meritless lawsuits filed in retaliation for Texans exercise of their First Amendment rights.  

While some tweaks to the Texas Citizens Participation Act may improve it, the law, also known as the Anti-SLAPP statute, is working well by disposing of meritless lawsuits filed to intimidate those who are exercising their free speech rights. (SLAPP stands for Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.)

​The Texas Citizens Participation Act has been used to protect countless individuals, organizations, and public officials when they have been served with a meritless lawsuit after exercising their First Amendment rights.

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